sf / oakland Bay Area 3pl warehousing since 1973

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We have 12 dock height and two grade level locations for accommodating all types of trailers, flat beds, box vans or personal vehicles.

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CROSS DOCK / transload

For our short term clients, we can set up terms for storage for as little as a few days.



We have a large capacity warehouse to serve your needs no matter how large or small those needs may be. We are centrally located near the Port of Oakland as well.

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Long term focus

It is always our goal to exceed our clients standards for customer satisfaction. Taking this approach has allowed us to proudly say we have customers for not just years but decades.

Serving all your warehousing needs in the SF / Oakland Bay Area

Bay area warehouse co.

A little about us
Let our business family take care of yours.

We know you have choices for warehousing. We have taken pride in exceeding expectations for our customers since we opened in 1973. We have retained many of our customers for decades. We will provide that service for your company with the intention of a long term relationship. Our clients know it is our attention to detail that is hard to find elsewhere. Most of our employees have also been with us for a decade or more. We have found quality people that take pride in their work. This is why we will provide the service you want for your company. • Since the beginning we adopted a philosophy that we would build our company based on what we look for in a company – Quality Accurate & Efficient Service.

the baw team working for you

We have a small yet efficient staff working to keep your company working.

Mark Nelson

Mark is the second generation now operating Bay Area Warehouse. We have remained a successful small family owned business since opening in 1973.

Mark Elliott

The Man
If you ask Mark he will tell you he does all the work around the warehouse. We all know the truth – he will take care of whatever is in front of him.

Portia Davis

Portia has been with BAW for almost 20 years. She takes care of all of our dispatching each day – a vital part of our work.

Helia Guzman

Helia is our specialist in working within our customers own inventory software. This has been vital in recent years to offering service to our larger clients.

Russ Nelson

Russ started the business in 1973 with his brother-in-law Charlie Wellnitz and sister Barbara Wellnitz. All have now retired, though you will still find Russ in and around work. Some old habits are hard to break.


…potato BRAH
” Wazzup Bro” One of the common things she says, Peyton enjoys playing with the dogs that produce large masses of hair EVERYWHERE, and annoying her father. Also driving the golf cart. Ok enough about me enjoy your time with the service. Peace out… BYE

Riley & Charlie

Furry Mascots
These two are daily fixtures at the office. You’ll find these two mostly just lying around waiting for a petting. CHARLIE- Bear RILEY- Innocent Bunny


Newest furry mascot addition
We had to bring in another hound to keep Riley & Charlie in line.

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